The uncommons

This is a list of articles that represent the less popular and less represented view on things. I don’t fully agree with all of them, but I consider these works valuable as food for thought and reflection.

[2021 Dec] Mentoring by G Huntley – A great compilation of thoughts and links on becoming a better software engineer. Very motivating was the contact link – TL; DR: there is no speed limit in improvement, as long as you show up and you’re eager to learn.

[2020 May] Being Slow to Criticize – People (and programmers specifically) often jump into conclusions that something is “garbage”. This article suggests giving a deeper thought on the reasons and events that have led a project to such a state. (Political, time or any other pressure). // A relatable quote: “We judge ourselves by our intentions and others by their behaviour.” ― Stephen M.R. Covey.

[2020 Jan] The real world is mutable – thoughts on the possible consequences of creating an immutable system by design.

[2019 Apr] The Red Queen – to stay relevant in your career, one has to constantly change.

[2016 June] The Value of Grey Thinking – Try to avoid extreme opinions, because nothing in the world lies on a single axis that spreads from [bad] to [good].

[2015 Nov] Reconsider – Insights for startups on the side effects of VC funding and trying to build the next tech unicorn.