Things I use in my daily work.

Which browsers support certain feature –

CSS / JavaScript / HTML docs –
(or add MDN to your google search (like “inputmode MDN”)

Make todo lists (and sometimes forget about them) –

Wondering how to do something with git –

Learn how to create Progressive Web Apps –

Find icons for your project –

The sweet spot between a text editor and IDE –

Sublime Text 3 is still quicker for small things (and I use it for writing) –

The best drawing web app out there. I use it for wireframes, architecture visualization, mockups and so many more –

7zip (You don’t need WinRar and it’s lifetime trial version : ) ) –

Chrome DevTools are irreplaceable when it comes to debugging UIs. Unfortunately Firefox’s DevTools still lack behind – (or F12 if you’re not a mac user 😀 )

I happen to write a lot of documents, for both internal and external use. Having English as a second language makes it harder to identify even common errors in your text. I use Grammarly to check what I type before I publish or send it –