Toolbelt of a Front-End Team Lead

I am a Team Lead at Up2 Technology. My daily work consists of coding (mainly React with TypeScript), writing proposals and documentation, creating wireframes, asking our customers an uncomfortable amount of questions, and helping my teammates get better at their job.

Here is a list of tools I find helpful in my work:

Which browsers support certain features –

CSS / JavaScript / HTML docs –
(or add MDN to your Google search (like “input mode MDN”)

Make todo lists (and sometimes forget about them) –

Wondering how to do something with git –

Learn how to create Progressive Web Apps –

Find icons for your project –

The sweet spot between a text editor and IDE –

Sublime Text 3 is still quicker for small things (and I use it for writing) –

The best drawing web app out there. I use it for wireframes, architecture visualization, mockups and so many more –

7zip (You don’t need WinRar and it’s lifetime trial version : ) ) –

Chrome DevTools are irreplaceable when it comes to debugging UIs. Unfortunately, Firefox’s DevTools still lack behind – (or F12 if you’re not a Mac user 😀 )

I happen to write a lot of documents, for both internal and external use. Having English as a second language makes it harder to identify common errors in your text. I use Grammarly to check what I type before I publish or send it –

A notable addition is ChatGPT, as it helps with all the writing and even ideas generation. I don’t think it’s currently ready to replace us all, but provides valuable insights, especially on topics that I’m not informed about.