WooCommerce BGN

To ease the stuff even more I’ve created a plugin WooCommerce BGN to simply add Bulgarian lev to the currency list in WooCommerce. This is inspired by my blog post for adding a custom currency to WooCommerce.

You can download WooCommerce BGN here.


  1. Download the zip file
  2. Upload it using the Plugins > Add New > Upload
  3. Activate the plugin
  4. Open the WooCommerce options and at the very bottom an option “Bulgarian lev” should have appeared

Happy selling!




1. I’ve installed the plugin but the prices remain in [any currency here]

Yep. The plugin adds the Bulgarian lev option to WooCommerce. However you have to choose this option from the WooCommerce settings yourself and to position correctly the currency symbol “лв.”

2. The prices are in the wrong format: “лв.12”

You missed to set the position of the currency symbol, didn’t you? Open The WooCommerce Settings and go to the Catalog tab. There is a Pricing Options sections and from the dropdown Currency Position select the desired one. For BGN it is best to be right with space but you can use whatever your heart leads you to.



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