Regenerating WooCommerce System Pages (When you forgot to add them)

Update: recently I found the tools tab of WooCommerce (It’s located in the WooCommerce -> System Status, in the Tools Tab). From there you can create your WooCommerce special pages and many more nice things.


When you install WooCommerce it asks you if you want to add the system pages – Shop, Checkout and so on. Unfortunately sometines you say no or you add them before you’ve changed the language so you end up either without any system pages being added or with the pages being added in the incorrect language (English in most cases 😉 ).

Good for us that there is a way to make WooCommerce regenerate the system pages. The only required thing is that you shouldn’t have the pages already added. (If you do, you should remove them completely – moving to trash only without permanently deleting them won’t work).

After you’re done with the cleaning you should add &install_woocommerce_pages=true to the settings admin url of WooCommerce.

If your site’s domain is

The WooCommerce settings page will be

And if you want to regenerate the default pages you should open the following url of your site:

And you was lucky and saved yourself some wp page addition bruteforcing 🙂



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