Making async ajax calls to an array of url’s and processing their responses at once

Today I had a very interesting case where we needed to get a specific amount of SVG files with ajax calls that were to be processed once after all of the requests are done.

I was familiar with the $.when and used it before but only in casese where the number of the calls were fixed amount.

So something like this:

$.when( $.ajax( 'first.svg' ), $.ajax( 'second.svg' ) ).done( function( ajax1, ajax2 ) {
    // do stuff with both things.. as ajax1[0] is the svg document
    // for the first.svg and ajax2[0] is the svg document for the 
    // second.svg

It’s clear that we are going to use something similar.. so we tried putting the ajax requests into an array so we can dinamically add them.

// svgUrlArray is an existing array with all the urls of the svgs

// we create a new array with all the ajax calls
var svgAjaxArray = [];

for( var svgIndex = 0; svgIndex < svgUrlArray.length; svgIndex++ ) {
    svgAjaxArray.push( $.ajax( svgUrlArray[ svgIndex ] ) );

Now we give the array to the $.when

$.when( svgAjaxArray ).done( function() {
    // this is executed a bit too early 

The done function is executed too early. Why?

Because the Array is not a Deffered – it’s just an Array and it gets its value immediatley. So the done is executed right away.

So what’s the easiest solution?

$.when.apply( $, svgAjaxArray ).done( function() {
    // Now we're talking ;)
    // You must use the arguments variable to get all the entries
    // because you don't know what is the length of the ajaxArray

So now we can do any amount of async requests and process them after all of them are done. Hooraaay!


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