Windows 11 to MacOS

Here’s my random impression on transitioning to MacOS after a long time on Windows.

Backstory: On 29.12.2023 I started using a Mac as my primary machine. I’ve been using Windows for a lot of time now. Had some experiments with Ubuntu more than 10 years ago, and was occasionally using a Mac for iOS app deployments and testing.

Side-by-side windows and the multi-tasking feels super strange.

I’d say that Windows are better here since one could split their screen however they like.

On MacOS, you would rely on multiple desktops – something present on Windows, but super buggy if you have a lot of apps open.

Update: Installed Tiles and things are better now. Still, the Win11 splitting is better – moving the edges resizes both windows, the shortcuts also continue to work on moving things to the next screen.

The animations are disturbingly slow. There are terminal commands that make the animations faster or disable them, but this feels very hacky. What do normal users do?

Only thing that hang and consumed a lot of battery was vscode. Even force-closing didn’t work, so I had to restart it.

Screen minimal brightness is convenient to work in very dark room. The max one is fine to work on very light one, though the non-matt screen shows a lot of reflections.

Alt-tab experience needs a lot of getting used to.

New shortcuts too, though if you’ve used a macOS machine before, it will definitely help.

Some shortcuts are a hell lots of keys – shift, ctrl, cmd and 4 to take a screenshot and save it to the clipboard…

(I do not like changing the default key bindings – this caused me a lot of trouble when I switched from sublime text to vscode. I tried to make vscode work like sublime, but every extension was made with the default shortcuts in mind. So in the end I had to re-learn the default vscode shortcuts)

Myth – you never need to restart. OpenVPN stopped working and wouldn’t start working again unless you restart the system.

Must do:

  • Enable the 3fingers down gesture to see the other windows of the same app
  • cmd+` cycles through them (still trying to remember it)
  • vscode – to have the ctrl+space to work, you need to disable the macOS ctrl+space lang switching
  • Enable Keyboard Navigation (System > Keyboard > Keyboard Navigation). If you don’t, pressing Tab will NOT cycle through the buttons

Update 6.02.2024: The Mac is very fast and all. The animations felt disturbingly slow. I am now used to this and do not notice them that much.
I used my old Windows laptop for a while and I can conclude that I’m currently in the very middle – neither fully efficient in Windows, nor in macOS.
The good part is that the Copy-Pase shortcuts are the quickest things you learn.


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